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Romance is the main focus of a romance novel. However, a romantic subplot can be found in a mystery, spy novel, or any type of fiction book. A romantic subplot is a mini-drama within the novel. It can be based on three simple, familiar steps: Boy Meets Girl, Boy Loses Girl, Boy Gets Girl Back. Adding a romantic angle to a novel increases the reader's interest in the main character's personal lives as they wonder if two characters they care about will get together in the end.
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Pen Boutique is a one-stop online source that offers various kinds of writing instruments, stationery and gifts. The following are categories of products that you can find at Pen Boutique: Fine Pens Refills & Inks Stationery & Journals Desk Accessories Organizers Leather Accessories Business & Laptop Cases Pen Boutique also offers numerous collectors' items, calligraphy essentials, corporate gifts and school stationery.
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Critiquing another writer’s work can be a daunting task. This is especially the case if you consider your writing experience is not at the same level as the writer you are critiquing. This article provides a logical procedure for critiquing and the correct etiquette for this important sharing of opinions.
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Many years ago, I wrote a short fiction story. It had two primary characters, one secondary character and one minor character. As short stories go, it was amusing but lacking in substance. After some consideration, I decided to write the story as a novel. During the course of my character and story development, the players became more real and the story evolved quickly. This article provides strategies for writers to turn a short story into a novel by expanding the lives of the characters. It al...
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Fiction writing is a craft that requires knowledge of writing techniques which can be acquired in many different ways. Some writers choose to study creative writing at a recognised tertiary institution to gain a Diploma or Degree in the subject. Others attend courses and seminars and workshops to expand their knowledge. One aspect of becoming a successful fiction writer is to join a group to share knowledge and mix with like-minded people. This article explores what writers should look for in a ...
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Harmful habits may keep a writer from their work. Writers should be careful not to let procrastination, distraction, and other bad habits get in the way of creativity and keep them from finishing their novel. Here are some tips on avoiding bad habits and getting the most out of your personal writing time.
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All who pick up a pen, or in the modern world a keyboard to put a text on paper have are goals with it. Do we want to become rich and famous, do we like to share information or do we like to report on facts? Many might like to write, but might not meet their goals, since they might not yet have found out what their true writing ambition is. There are several forms of writing and they all demand a different type of skills and commitment. Both a journalist and a content writer might meet deadlines...
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We all have our hopes, dreams and fears as writers, as well as our inspiration and ambition. When I saw the documentary "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, I noticed there were a lot of writers commenting on the secret of how to make your dreams come true. Rhonda Byrne also wrote books on the topic herself. Still, I feel this piece of work is an inspiration and I have a theory on why it might affect so many others, especially writers.
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When a reader picks up a book, they expect to connect with the characters quickly. If this doesn’t happen, chances are the book will be put aside in favor of one that has more impact in terms of the characters. This article explores ways writers can create memorable book characters by using a simple strategy of looking at all aspects of the visual and psychological qualities of each “book person”.
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Not every creative writer should aspire to becoming an overnight publishing success. Some people like to write just for the sake of it – as a creative outlet. This article explores reasons why people should value the ability to put their thoughts and feelings into words. It provides examples of how creative writing can provide a sense of wellbeing.
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A brief look at the notebook. It is used to scribble down ideas. Be it in the form of a diary, poetry, stories or just brainstorming. This article looks at it as a creative hub of original ideas, as oppose to watching reality TV shows. If only because originality is always appreciated.
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It doesn’t matter which type of writing you are involved in, writing precision will go a long way towards your commercial success. This article explains some of the elements of writing precision and how it can enhance the overall impact of what you write. It also reinforces the necessity to strive for a higher standard of writing so that it becomes automatic when you sit down to write an article, story, thesis, report or any other written document.
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For most writers, especially beginners, writing a fiction novel is not a matter of sitting down at the computer and writing the story from beginning to end. There are many things that need to be considered before managing a book-length writing project can be achieved with confidence. This article provides an insight into 6 things that most beginning writers need to take account of before embarking on the serious task of writing a fiction novel.
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In order to create a fictional work, a writer must be inspired. But where does inspiration come from? Waiting for a good idea to appear can be a long and futile process. Sometimes inspiration must be actively pursued. Here are some tips for finding inspiration through reading, travel, and even dreams.
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Becoming a successful fiction writer involves more than just writing. Each person who aspires to become a published fiction author must divide their time between writing and professional development. This article explains why professional development is vital to a fiction writer’s quest for publication. It also advises writers about things they can do to enhance their existing knowledge of fiction writing and how successful writers have used these strategies to further their writing caree...
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