Boost Your Creativity with These 5 Easy Methods
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Boost Your Creativity with These 5 Easy Methods

Any writer will tell you that creativity is paramount to writing well. Here are five ways to reignite your personal creative fire when it is down to embers.

Any writer can tell you that there comes a point when you actively believe that bathing cats without gloves is considerably better than writing another word. You might claim that every word within you is tripe, every word is unoriginal and unvalued, or perhaps that every word isn't worthy of the time you took to type it. Reclaiming that inspiration and recharging your body is necessary to return to your previous glory. Here are some easy ways to rekindle your creative fire.

1. Bathe

No, you don't stink. Bathing is not only a physical activity, but a mental one. Imagine that you are cleaning out the muck that is clogging up the creative well. Those awful, cliched statements are washed away to leave only the great material in its place. The simple act of bathing cleans your mind as well as your body, allowing you to valiantly return into the forest of words.

2. Change it up

As a writer, you know that there are many ways to say the same things. You could write your latest review as a poem, you could discuss the difference between presidents with a flair of narrative, or you could practice the structure of haiku with your latest technical essay. When you look at your work from different angles, you draw new connections and return your flow.

3. Exercise

You don't have to put on special clothes and drive fifteen minutes to the gym. You don't need a workout tape to get your blood pumping once more. Jog in place, walk briskly around the house, or maybe do a few jumping jacks. When you exercise, your body pumps more oxygen to the brain, giving it more firepower to work.

4. Get some Z's

Arianna Huffington talks about literally sleeping her way to the top in her TED Talk. Like all of your parts, your brain needs to be recharged and revitalized. Fortunately, you were given sleep to perform those functions. Your subconscious is the arena where your brain puts everything together, makes new connections, and flourishes. Take a nap. Write a masterpiece.

5. Write in a Different Way

You might write on a laptop. You might scribble your thoughts on a desktop. Try using a pen and paper for your next work. That pen and paper will help you establish new ways of thinking. The process is slower, so you have more time to think about the words which make it to the page. You are also given more options about where you are able to write. That switch may be just what you need.

Stoke those fires once more with a touch of escapism, a little bit of sleep, and a bit of pacing. Embrace your words, and keep striving toward your writing goals.

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