How to Become a Proficient Writer
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How to Become a Proficient Writer

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What if I were to propose a question? How many of you are good writers? Surely, there will be a group that says that they are the perfect writers. And another group who will say that there are not so perfect at writing. This is a very common situation. What I intend to do through this article is to give some simple advice on how to get started on writing.

To begin with I want you all think writing as a conversation where you, let’s say, get into an argument with your companion. For example, you companion might say “Oh I think football is most boring sport in the planet!” You being a football fan yourself ,disagree immediately with this statement. Now we have a perfect counter argument. You want to express your own opinion on the matter badly. Now we get ready get started with piece of writing.

Continuing on, you might be wondering how to respond to such a statement. Well it is fairly easy. Here is an example: You could I disagree because game of football is packed with thrilling moments. Another way to put this nicely so that your companion will not get hurt , “ What you might be saying can be true at moments but the thrilling moments in a game of football is clearly exciting”.

You companion does not have to be standing next to you for your creative process to start. You can use widely popular believes for your topic by agreeing or disagreeing or having mixed feelings. For example, many Americans tend to think: “You would think that….”or “scientists believe that….”

Okay now you learned the basics of getting started. You can continue on with the conversation by providing example, evidence to support your viewpoint. This will essentially leave you off with a strong piece of writing.

Additionally, I want you writers to remember when you express your own opinion in you counter arguments, decrease the words phrases such as I believe, I think, and I agree. Instead use phrases such as this is illogical because, this is untrue, however, incorrectly stated. By decreasing phrases with personal pronoun I, you will be able to reach a wider audience and it will appeal to a larger crowd as well. This way you audience will lightly consider your views favorably.

In conclusion, I hope this article has helped you increase fluency in writing as well as increase your knowledge about writing in general. And I have one more piece of advice: Practice makes perfect.

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