How to Schedule Daily Novel Writing Time and Stick to the Routine
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How to Schedule Daily Novel Writing Time and Stick to the Routine

In order to succeed in completing a book, a writer must be able to regularly set aside a portion of time every day to write. Here are some tips on how to find time to write, set and obtain the goal of producing a certain amount of pages a day, and how to make writing a part of even the busiest day.

One of the most difficult parts of being a writer is finding time to write, creating a workable schedule, and sticking to the plan.Writing daily takes a certain amount of discipline.  Like any work from the home job, there are many opportunities for distraction. In order to succeed, a writer must have some kind of writing schedule and try to stick to that schedule as closely as possible.

When is the Best Time to Write?

Finding the best time to write varies with the individual writer’s situation.  Many writers also have day jobs.  For them, writing time must be scheduled either early in the morning, in the evening, or on weekends. 

 Stay-at-home writers have more flexibility.  However, they must be careful not to fall prey to the many distractions such as housework, television watching, browsing the Internet, or chatting on the phone. Writing time should be work time, but only on writing-related tasks.

 How Many Words or Pages Should a Writer Aim for Every Day?

 Many writers, both aspiring and professional, make it their goal to come up with a certain amount of words every day.  A ]self-imposed deadline of around 1,000 to 1,500 words a day is a popular goal with many authors, published and unpublished alike.  Other writers aim for a certain amount of pages, such as five pages a day.  These pages are usually “clean” pages, not random writing but pages that apply to the work in progress.

No matter whether a writer aims for a certain word count or a specified number of pages, it is important to set some kind of goal.  A few pages a day adds up to a novel at the end of the year.

 How to Make Writing a Part of Each Day

 The best way to incorporate a good portion of writing time into each day is to take a realistic look at the way the day is divided.  This may vary depending upon whether the writer is employed outside the home or has other duties that keep him or her away from the computer, such as young children that must be cared for.  In the case of many young mothers, writing time is nap time for the children. 

The best time to write is that time that can be most easily spared from other obligations. Whether it is a few hours in the morning, in the evenings or the afternoons, writing time must be quiet.   Writing time must be jealously guarded, so be sure to let friends and family know that this time is off limits unless in case of an emergency.

 Writing a few pages a day can add up to a novel at the end of the year.

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Comments (5)

Voted. Time management; indeed, it is! I find it hard to manage my time especially that I have a regular job and I have a three-year old son to take care of when I'm at home, Thanks Vickie for such beautiful insights. I guess I should follow my daily if not, weekly deadline to achieve my writing goals. Cheers!

Yes, it really helps to follow some kind of schedule. And it gets easier when the kid gets in school. The important thing is to write a little every day! Good luck.

Thank you, voted.

Valuable share! I would also use this advice for writing anything. Thanks for the advice....voted

it has always been my desire to write novels but iu don't have enough time to do so..thanks for this,