If You're Aspiring to Write Here's a Few Tips for Starters
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If You're Aspiring to Write Here's a Few Tips for Starters

Keep writing until your words begin to flow. Read to help your mind get a grasp of what a finished product looks like.

So you want to be a writer but you don’t think your good enough. Maybe you’ve written some things and you just didn’t get the response you wanted. Maybe you even thought everything was going to be great; you’d write something and people would get up and take notice right away. It didn’t happen and you’re no better off than you were yesterday or the day before that and you’re starting to get the feeling you’re just not good enough. Maybe you want to throw the towel in.

I personally went through that stage about 3 months ago when I started writing. In fact I stopped writing for what seemed like an eternity after I’d started out on a roll. Whenever anyone criticized my work I would get down and sulk for a while, sometimes even felt like quitting and just resolving myself to mediocrity. Yet here I am months later writing this article among others that I began pouring over. And they may not be the best, but they are getting better with practice.

When you begin writing much like everything else the flow of information is not as efficient as it should be because of the mountain of information readily available. There are so many possibilities when it comes to what you want to create and how to go about it. The craziest thing is we don’t write consistently because there maybe a setback. And I caught myself sinking into the pity party and had to drag myself out.

Stick with it! When you just begin writing everything seems jumbled and even in your mind things just don’t really make any sense when putting them down on paper. Further the flow of the paper may seem jumbled, but with practice you will get better and be able to solve your problems. Repetition breeds perfection in cases like this. It isn’t even so much about perfection but the premise that you get to practice your writing style while writing something. Most of us think that everything is to be delivered now, but given time your writing will become solid and newsworthy within no time.

Be creative and free with your creativity. A lot of times we want to create or re-create something that really doesn’t make any sense for us to do. For instance we may take up a project we can’t yet do and have to finish it within an allotted amount of time. My advice is to keep your writing simple when you start your career as a writer or even if you’re writing for fun. In fact the simpler the material the better, with a simple writing plan you will get to develop your information flow, your vocabulary, your word usage. And last but not least your writing vision. The more you practice the more ideas will flow into your mind along with the way of putting the words together in a cohesive format.

Write within your boundaries. Some people can just about write anything and it comes out great. What you need to do is evaluate yourself and get to realize how much you can do and when you need to back away and let someone else finish something. Don’t getting over your head when you start out because writing can be frustrating enough without the extra hassle of trying to decipher words to add to our article or book. When you write about what you know you develop your story telling abilities without even knowing. The reason I say that is because sooner or later you will begin to notice that you’re putting stories together better than before, you will also notice or should notice that you’re able to predict things better while writing. Words coming together are like puzzles that snap together and as a new writer it is next to impossible to sit and just let the words flow out. Repetition will allow your mind to become attuned to continually create and stitch together the words in a comprehensible manner.

As a last note I would also suggest you read as much and as often as possible so your mind begin to grasp the concept of what a finished product should look like. Not only for this reason but also develop your vocabulary, one of the things writers often shun is reading a book because we believe it’s too cumbersome. But imagine a bus without a good wheel and you will see an artist that doesn’t understand anything about the niche they’re writing about. When you give your mind a chance to grasp more words and their meaning your writing ability increases because of the availability of new words to you.

Don’t give up just because your mind starts telling you it’s hopeless. Writers often go through stages of depression most times. Present company not excluded. The problem is in knowing when that time is coming and knowing if that’s when you’re most productive. You should take the time to develop your writing skills and never back down from the challenge of writing a book, a paper, articles or otherwise.

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Comments (2)

Great write! Motivated me :) Keep it up!

Thanks. I am motivating myself to write my book and I get better the more I write