Knowing Yourself And Your Ambitions As A Writer And How To Make Them Come True
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Knowing Yourself And Your Ambitions As A Writer And How To Make Them Come True

All who pick up a pen, or in the modern world a keyboard to put a text on paper have are goals with it. Do we want to become rich and famous, do we like to share information or do we like to report on facts? Many might like to write, but might not meet their goals, since they might not yet have found out what their true writing ambition is. There are several forms of writing and they all demand a different type of skills and commitment. Both a journalist and a content writer might meet deadlines, but for different reasons. Where do you belong?

The first rule is to know yourself when it comes to writing. What is it you want deep down and what does is require? For some writings, just knowing your language is enough but for some a certain degree is required and maybe you need to get an education to make your dreams come true.

First thing to consider is if you would like to make a living with writing and if so, in which form. Keep in mind that if you want to become a famous rich novelist, you might have to struggle and never get there. Consider also another day job you might like beside writing in order to make a living, while waiting for your dream to come true.

For others writing for a living is a more evident choice, like journalists or professional reviewers and even language teachers. Those people write in order to make a living, but studied for it and the writing might not even have been their first love, but they do it because they like to share information or to teach.

But what if you do not have a degree? Are you willing to get it, if you have the chance? Keep in mind that all books that get published professionally are edited for mistakes before reaching the stores and the readers.

So writing without mistakes is a good skill, that almost no writer has. That is why there are editors and even great texts that have had some minor mistakes in them, might be published when the content is great. Still, the more errors you make, the less chance you got to make it.

Novelists are writers that might come from all trades of society and might be educated people, but might also be those with the right skills to tell a story in a decent language and do not have a degree. But they are the fiction writers that create their own universes to entertain others and often as a form of therapy to endure with their own lives.

What you need most as a novelist is the luck to get published and the right people around you. Many are called for this form of writing, but few only get rich and famous. The average published novelist does not make a living with it.

If you truly have the skills for editing your own work, or the time and help for it, you might try self publishing, but chances are you might never sell a book. Keep in mind publishers have the people to help you promote your work, but when you have to do it all by yourself, you might be a good writer, but maybe a bad seller.

Internet also created a new kind of writer: the content writer. This writer, that writes articles and publishes them online through a content writing website, is quite new. Centruries ago stories were written and novels were published. But a hundred years ago, we might have had a newspaper to inform the crowd, but the internet was not there yet.

Today there are many content writing sites that offer many opportunities to make some money from your writings. The ways you can earn are different from site to site and you better inform on the policies before publishing.

Some websites allow creative content, but they seldom earn. Informative articles will always make the most money. But to have decent earning articles, you also need good SEO, be creative with keywords and keep in mind that you cannot all be on top of search engines, since most content writings earn by views. Most people will also look up information instead of creative content.

But here is also the catch: most content sites will not earn much of a living, unless you really have the time and portfolio and can get around with not much income.

You can also want to become a poet. Poetry is something that will not likely make you a living, but will help you express your feelings. Actually you do not need much grammar skills for it and it allows you a lot of freedom, but no, or as good as no income.

So here is the main determination: will you write for money or for fun. Just for money, study a language, get a professional degree and get a day job in which you can make a living with writing as a side of your job.

If you just like to express yourself and entertain others, you might work hard to be a novelist of poet and might get published, but keep in mind you may have to find another day job to pay the bills. When you do self publish, please note that you better do it using a website that does not require a big investment.

If you like to share information, but do not have professional degrees, you might start reading online, do research and try to publish some articles as a content writer. You will not get rich, but you might earn some dollars without invest. In the main time, your name and work is online and you may never know who it attracks.

So when you write for money, you are on the wrong track and you may wonder if you are a writer at all. The main reason to write should be because you love it and in that way you will always achieve you goal.

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