The Notepad: Old-School Alternative To Modern Media
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The Notepad: Old-School Alternative To Modern Media

A brief look at the notebook. It is used to scribble down ideas. Be it in the form of a diary, poetry, stories or just brainstorming. This article looks at it as a creative hub of original ideas, as oppose to watching reality TV shows. If only because originality is always appreciated.

There are many times when a person wishes there life was filmed. If only that there’s a document of the cool, the weird, the funny. Yet, that’s only the case if you are subject to a MTV reality show. Either that or you coax some friend into filming you with some rented camera.

Neither has been the case with most people. Yet, there’s always that feeling, that sense, that parts of your life should be documented. At least in some shape or form, we all like to think that our life is documented. It is not arrogance. Not at all, in the slightest. It’s human nature, at a basic level.

To say it’s human nature boils down to this. The majority of people will give the following question a “Yes” answer. Is there ever a moment, a situation, a quote, whatever, that you wished you could remember forever?

With how human memory as it is, we can’t recall every little thing that happens. We’d like to, but that’s never the case. So, being short of having MTV’s cameras follow you about, there is a solution. One Little Notepad. Plus a pen, or even a pencil, even if only to make the notepad complete. The act of writing is taken for granted, at least in the Western World. Yet, it’s one of the most assured ways of documenting this moment in history. Yes, even your own personal history. The history that affects you the most – no one else, except maybe those who care for you.

When the mind remembers it, I take out my funky little notepad. If only to scribble down the moments I will always cherish. Is it a diary? No, it’s just a notepad with the tiniest of moments, as they happen, when they happen.

Just like a photograph, the purpose of the notepad is to recall the happier moments in our lives. For no person would ever take an “unhappy” photo. Unless it was a journalistic photo, for this does not count in this argument. However, in personal terms, we all take happy photos. Likewise with the notepad, if you are this way inclined. When a moment of happiness, joy, love, laughter or even a smile, scribble down the moment. If only to remind yourself later to raise a smile.

The Notepad: life in the smallest of snippets. Just so you can give yourself a reason to smile later.

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