Three Types Of Writers That Want to Get Published: The Educator, The Entertainer and The Activist
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Three Types Of Writers That Want to Get Published: The Educator, The Entertainer and The Activist

Different types on motivations to become a published writer.

Writing is a craft that is performed by many. Still we are all different and also we have a different motivation to write. In this article I will explain the three major reasons why some writers like to get published.

I am not going to mention the private diary writers here, but only those who really want to have their work spread to be read for others. Keep in mind that a writer might be in different categories, but in general there are three main motivations why somebody might like to have his or her writings published.

1) Educators

The educational writer is mainly an academic writer that loves to teach or inform on a subject. Yes, teachers and journalists are in this category. All who write content to simply educate or inform people on facts, are writers that like to bring knowledge and focus on that.

Those writers publish text books, manuals, objective biographies, reports and informative articles online or in magazines and newspapers.

A pure educator is most concerned on how people get the information and that they get it correct. Most of his efforts are based on that.

2) Entertainer

These are the story tellers, fiction writers, poets and other creative content producers. They write to entertain others and spend hours on style, form and content in order to distract their audience from reality for a moment while reading, or to amuse and awe them with great style elements.

Pure entertainers write fiction novels, stories and poetry.

Unlike the educational writers, they are more diverse in education and background. Their purpose is pure entertainment that might not have a deeper social meaning.

3) Activists

Most writers might actually be in this category. Activists might like to inform and entertain as well, but they do have a social point and like to come forward with their ideas.

They are not in to purely educate or distract people from reality. They have a view and like to bring this out.

Activists are column writers, reviewers and others who have an opinion to share and feel they should.

Many online writers that are not simply in to write articles for money, are activists, even if they do not realize it themselves. We all have themes we cherish dearly and we all like to make our stand.

Look up writers and you might understand what drives them to write. Some might write more on pets, because they simply love them and like to teach others how to take care of them as their way to protest against animal cruelty.

No, you may not read it clearly, but it is between the lines. You can tell the machos from the feminists. Do they write on music and arts, or on human rights? Surely in this last category, you find the most activists.

Activists write on what they feel and their publications can be very diverse.

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