Why Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" Applies A Lot On Writers
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Why Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" Applies A Lot On Writers

We all have our hopes, dreams and fears as writers, as well as our inspiration and ambition. When I saw the documentary "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, I noticed there were a lot of writers commenting on the secret of how to make your dreams come true. Rhonda Byrne also wrote books on the topic herself. Still, I feel this piece of work is an inspiration and I have a theory on why it might affect so many others, especially writers.

First up: I watched the film "The Secret" several times and it keeps striking me. I understand Rhonda Byrne's message and the only reason I haven't read her books yet, is because here I can only get the Dutch translation and I like to get the in English, since I prefer reading books in the original language, if I can.

Why I do feel that many people in the film are writers is most likely because most writers are positive thinkers and people who love to kind of create their own universe to entertain others. Not all writers get famous and rich like Rhonda Byrne, J.K. Rowlins, Stephen King and so on, but yet nobody writes to keep their work in the drawer. Or at least no writer that will bring his or her work out into the world. That you might keep your personal diary locked up, is fine, but when you create content to be read, you do like to get something back.

It is fine that you might like to get some appreciation for your work, since writing is not such an easy job. Getting the ideas in your head organized and putting them on paper is something many feel drawn to, but how many drafts get deleted before getting finished?

Many of us share the ambition of willing to share positive ideas or turning something bad into something good. Most rewarded authors do write from their own emotions. For example: J.K. Rowlins, who was broke after a divorce, making ends meet and creating the magical Harry Potter to keep up her spirit and to entertain her daughter. This idea of no matter how bad the situation is, or how strong the opponent, you go on and the good guys win in the end, is so universal in many fiction works, and yet it is a succes formula that nobody seems to get tired of.

That is the spirit of most fiction writing, but is this fiction, or are we not just all writing the scripts of our own life. Personally, I admit I get rid of frustrations by getting behind my laptop and put some words on paper. If I feel like anger getting the best of me, I prefer to kill people on paper, instead of for real.

Writers are creative souls that are good at bending reality. Still, not all become rich and famous. We all like to be. I speak for myself here. If I could make a decent living from writing ... And here is comes. I don't since deep down, I might just not believe it.

This is also explained in The Secret. You really have to believe and keep up the vision. Well, having a well paid day job, I might have forgotten my vision.

What I wanted most as a writer when I started writing as a six year old, as soon as I could even write, was to be read. It took more than two decades before the internet made it possible for me to be read.

Now I am not the best, most successful and most earning content writer on the net. I am totally honest about that and here is also where The Secret comes into my life again: I never had the ambition to be the most earning writer in the world.

I just like to focus on making an income and I admit I write a lot on money lately, since this is what I like to attract. I have my goal set like in the film by Rhonda Byrne. If I do not believe I will ever get lucky, I will never be lucky.

I can mock about the fact that I lost a good earning job. It did not make me rich, but I was happy with what I made, I just was not happy with the conditions. When I applied for the job, I really did not see it coming that my life was about to change. I also askes for a permanent job, not really for my dreamjob. Having a steady income seemed most important to me back then.

When I signed the contract for a job that required late shifts 5 days a week, I was single and in for the money that working night hours and weekends would make. Well, it made some Euros more, but my health broke down, my social life became a disaster and in the main time, I also found the partner I was longing for all this time.

So I got fired with double feelings. The job was not bad, but just not me. Why did I like my previous office job more? I loved the e-mails, I loved the computer job.

This made me realize that deep down, while burying my ambition for a more earning job, I was a writer all the time. I do love to make at least some additional income with it, but most of all, I still like to get this novel I have in mind for a while written and published.

I also been writing poems and figure out I can bundle them as well. But watching The Secret made me belief again that it is alright in wanting to be a writer and that it is fine that I like fine things to come my way. Now I am applying for a job that will not only give me sufficient income, but that will also give me satisfaction and recognition and that I might do for many years.

It was like I wanted  to get married. I did and it became a disaster, since I never asked to get married with the man of my dreams and a loving, lasting relationship.

Actually, I found out that the power of belief might be in all of us. But indeed, we keep ourselves down. This film also reminded me of a man I used to know, getting diagnosed with cancer just after his son was born. He believed God would cure him and he got cured, against all medical reason. Today he is a pastor in his own church, having a healing society, including doctors that cure illness with the Bible.

Now miracles and making the impossible possible against all odds, is what many fiction writing is all about. No matter how desperate the situation is, you can get out. You can get what you want.

Watching The Secret made me realize that maybe fiction and reality are closer than we think and fiction might be more than just merely words on paper. It might just be the reality we create.

Of course there are some lost souls and depressed writers and poets out there, but I do feel most writers do share The Secret.

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