Why Some Creative Writers Are a Bit Eccentric
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Why Some Creative Writers Are a Bit Eccentric

Creative writers often live in two worlds – the real one and another that is a repository for their creative ideas. Being just a bit eccentric is harmless. In fact, being able to escape from reality to a place where creativity flourishes can be an advantage. This article explores why some creative writers have a slightly eccentric personality.

Creative writers often live in two worlds – the real one and another that is a repository for their creative ideas. Being just a bit eccentric is harmless. In fact, being able to escape from reality to a place where creativity flourishes can be an advantage.

Knowing you are creative and destined to write fiction

When I was in primary school, I loved English and particularly writing essays. My teachers would ask for a 2 page essay on a subject and I would turn in anything from 6 to 12 pages. Often I was chastised for doing this, but more often the teacher would read my essay to the class and tell me that I could write a good yarn (Australian for story).

When I progressed to high school, my favourite subjects were English and Geography. This was because I could write about many different topics and foreign places. For some reason, my high school teachers never chided me for writing too much.

The other thing that came about when I was about thirteen years of age was that I dreamed up an entire family and imagined myself as the young daughter. I would often escape from my Queensland country town to Sydney, Australia’s largest and most exciting city. There I would go about my daily routine as this privileged young person who had a fascinating life. It was pure escapism and it continued for about five years. Whenever I was bored, I would switch off in the real world and tune in to my other world.

I always wanted to be a writer and I guess my sub-conscious mind was preparing me for what was to come many years down the track – being a fiction writer.

Following a dream to become a writer

In my teenage years, I joined a theatre group. About twice a year we would stage a comedy revue. One of my friends and I would write sketches and parodies of songs which were well received by the audience. However, I had no dreams of becoming a writer of plays. I had visions of writing novels.

Many years later, it was no surprise to me that I fell into a new career as a technical writer. This was not exactly what I had dreamed of, but it was an occupation that satisfied my need to write and my need to earn an income. After about ten years of contract work, I became just a bit bored with this occupation. Knowing I needed to continue with it, I searched for a more creative outlet. That came to me in the form of romance writing.

Instead of barging ahead to write a romance novel, I made an intensive study of the genre and discovered that the types of books being published by the mega romance publishers were not what I wanted to write. I had my sights set on something edgy and provocative. So, I proceeded to write stories that were what I termed “reality romance”. My books are about real people in real situations. I do not use popular romance clichés in my work and abhor exaggerated character descriptions that defy realism. It is impossible to know the colour of a man’s eyes from across the room as he stands in the doorway. I also detest body parts being referred to by ridiculous euphemisms. There are no “rods of steel” in the love scenes I write.

What is it like to be just a bit eccentric?

I have long known that I am a not different from most of my contemporaries. It isn’t something that most people would recognise about me. After all, they are not in my mind. However, quite often I escape to my other world where I am able to create my book people and the stories they exist in. I am also very creative in other ways – with sewing, knitting, crafts and cooking. Being very creative is a harmless trait and I suspect that a lot of creative people would be proud to own the title “just a bit eccentric”.


Eccentricity can come in many forms. Scientists, inventors and other people with creative urges can be termed “eccentric”. To be a slightly eccentric writer is something I love being. It sets me apart from many others. It is a slightly quirky way of being.


Personal observation

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Comments (4)

Yes, we're all a bit eccentric and different.  That's what makes writing fun!

What an interesting and fun article! Thanks for sharing about yourself and your writing experience. By the way, I also hate when people refer to body parts as other things and am glad you choose to write more realistically. ; )

It is really a good way out to use assignment writing sevices help! I advice you to do it

this is naturally, if someone is creative, he or she must be eccentric